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Extortion- Degenerate LP

Extortion- Degenerate LP
Extortion- Degenerate LP
SKU: deepsix077.ebu
Band/Title: Extortion
Label: Deep Six
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Price: $12.99
Product Details
Australia’s EXTORTION offer up 19 tracks of hard hitting hardcore: fast, brutal and to the point hardcore that also features great slow parts. Comparable to INFEST, LACK OF INTEREST, NEGATIVE FX or SIEGE-style hardcore.

1. Arson
2. Lose Control
3. The Beginning of the End
4. Get Fucked
5. Degenerate
6. Life Under Lies
7. The Rising Tide
8. No Such Luck
9. Overwhelmed
10. Curb Crawl
11. I Got Mine
12. Deluded
13. 4 Outta 5
14. Windows
15. Manhunt
16. Maniac
17. Ramirez
18. Messed Up
19. You're Next...

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