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Dwarves- Invented Rock N Roll LP

Dwarves- Invented Rock N Roll LP
Dwarves- Invented Rock N Roll LP
SKU: brgr741lp.mvd
Band/Title: Dwarves
Label: Burger
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Product Details
1) Hate Rock 
2) Bleed Alright
3) Trailer Trash
4) Kings of The World
5) Fiction
6) Sluts of The USA
7) Gentleman Blag

8) Irresistible
9) Armageddon Party
10) Get Up & Get High
11) Dead On The Floor
12) Fun To Try
13) Here I Am
14) Anything You Want

The DWARVES are Rock Legends. Birthed in the garage rock revival of the 1980’s over 30 years ago they continue to confound and confront audiences a ll over the world with searing live shows and masterful new records. Coming to prominence as one of Sub/Pop’s first signings the DWARVES r eputation for live madness e arned the fear and loathing of g runge era crowds and the shock and awe of their peers . Between 1988 - 92 they performed live with many of the most popular bands of the e ra including Nirvana, Green Day and the Offspring to name just a few. 1990’s "Blood Guts & Pussy” LP with its no nonsense punk rock and disturbing cover art helped to awake n a nation anaesthetized by hair metal and cry baby flannel. The LP’s "Thank Heave n For Little Girls” and "Sugarfix” came next . Following the death of guitarist HeWhoCanNotBeNamed the DWARVES signed to Epitaph and proceeded to do for pop punk what they had done for grunge , making "The Dwarves Are Young & Good Looking” and "Come Clean” the definitive LP s of the sk ateboard punk era. By the turn of the century the Dwarves had toured Europe and the US extensively and as well as Japan and Australia. Appearances on television and radio and dozens of song placements in film and TV solidified their legendary st atus. In 2005 "The Dwarves Must Die” ( Sympathy ) was hailed as their most eclectic album yet with producer Eric Valentine and a cast of underground notables featured in cameos that had the dying recording industry buzzing until they rememb ered who the DWARVES actually were. 2011 saw the release of "The DWARVES Are Born Again” returning to the punk ferocity of yesteryear , but continuing the genre defying experiments their fans now dem anded . With 2014 upon us, over 1200 shows under their be lt and three decades of sickness to draw from, the Dwarves continue their assault on good taste with "THE DWARVES INVENTED ROCK ‘N’ ROLL” (Recess/Greedy). The relentless middle finger drive, catchy songwriting and deft production that set the DWARVES apart have never sounded better. And let’s face it, there’s only one punk band left that matters, so c atch them soon at a theater, nightclub or crackhouse near you! THE DWARVES INVENTED ROCK ‘N’ ROLL