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Brutal Knights- Living By Yourself LP

Brutal Knights- Living By Yourself LP
Brutal Knights- Living By Yourself LP
SKU: deranged115.ebu
Band/Title: Brutal Knights
Label: Deranged
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Price: $10.99
Product Details
The BRUTAL KNIGHTS are back! After a new line-up, a one and half month tour of Europe, they now deliver a new 10 song 12" EP. This is the North American version of their sold out euro tour picture disc ep originally released on Germany's Ptrash records. The DERANGED version offers 4 bonus exclusive tracks not included on the Ptrash edition. These new tracks were recorded by the band themselves in their practice space and dare I say it is their most suitable recording to date. Besides the production, this new album is easily BRUTAL KNIGHTS best material to date. 'Living by yourself' continues in the retarded auditory tradition that is BRUTAL KNIGHTS and this time around, they are also complimented by a stunning full color gatefold sleeve designed by the just as unbalanced SERIPOP. BRUTAL KNIGHTS was not only voted as the best 'punk band' by Toronto's NOW magazine for the third year in a row, their recent 'feast of shame' LP was selected as one of the top 10 'BEST PUNK ALBUMS of the YEAR' by Exclaim magazine.

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