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Boldness- Skinhead Down The Pub LP (UK Import)

Boldness- Skinhead Down The Pub LP (UK Import)
Boldness- Skinhead Down The Pub LP (UK Import)
SKU: lod008.step
Band/Title: Boldness
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After the successful split EP with Bent Out Of Shape (2021), the Skins from Bali / Indonesia now follow up with their debut album 'Skinhead Down The Pub'. Straight melodic Oi! & Skinhead Rock'n'Roll with fat sing-a-long choruses and catchy guitars bangs out of the boxes, alternating between mid- and up-tempo, sung completely in English with one exception. 'I don`t want to anyside, I don`t like politics act, I don`t care where are you from - I just want my Skinhead Time' ! With the album opener 'Skinhead Aggro Time' the guys make it clear what Skinhead means also anno 2022. A total of 12 clean and powerfully produced songs have made it on the all-round successful album and let the skinhead heart beat faster. Hopefully there will be more to come in the future!!! Sunny Bastards / Laketown Records / Liberty Or Death 2022

A1: Skinhead Aggro Time  A2 Spirit Carries On  A3 Hey Tommy!  A4 Don`t Hang Your Boots !  A5 Living Fear  A6 Never Stop To Run
B1: This Is Not A Fashion  B2 Skinhead Down The Pub  B3 Kembali Pulang  B4 Yesterday  B5 Working Class Bois  B6 Youth Generation