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Blood Red Throne- Imperial Congregation LP (Gold And Blood Red Splatter Vinyl) (Sale price!)

Blood Red Throne- Imperial Congregation LP (Gold And Blood Red Splatter Vinyl) (Sale price!)
Blood Red Throne- Imperial Congregation LP (Gold And Blood Red Splatter Vinyl) (Sale price!)
Band/Title: Blood Red Throne
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Product Details
In many respects, the dawn of the new decade 2020 drew humanity back into some of the most tumultuous corners of the dark ages, yet Death Metal Purveyors Blood Red Throne found themselves swarming with inspiration. Their upcoming album, IMPERIAL CONGREGATION, delivers quality, old school sound while reflecting in part upon the self righteous nature of humanity; it's incessant need to destroy itself through power, ignorance, and religion. "We live outside this system," explains founder and guitarist Daniel Olaisen. "We don't join in on the sheep mentality. Create your own possibilities, be responsible for your own misery or success!" Songs like "Conquered Malevolence" breach this exact subject; that we're taught to melt into society's norms, not to lead, but to follow. "It depicts a person's way of growing strong, and finding him/herself; to be who they are and to find that true happiness comes from inner satisfaction. It leaves you with less of a craving for wanting more, and for caring about what others have," explains Olaisen. Musically, the song immediately takes a leap back into 90's death metal with a pristine upgrade in production. The searing vocals and hypnotizing guitar-work battle alongside a monsterous low end to deliver a distinct, and classic composition. With over 25 years and 10 albums soon to be under their belt, Blood Red Throne is dedicated to the continual delivery of straight forward, exceptional death metal with IMPERIAL CONGREGATION being no exception. "This time around we've made something new and fresh in our sound. We felt it from the very first song that was written; this will take us to a whole different level in terms of arrangements, riffs, vocals... everything. We are super-excited to share this with our fans, and in cooperation with the greatest label ever," Olaisen exclaims.

  • 1 Imperial Congregation
  • 2 Itika
  • 3 Conquered Malevolence
  • 4 Transparent Existence
  • 5 Inferior Elegance
  • 6 We All Bleed
  • 7 6:7
  • 8 Consumed Illusion
  • 9 Hero-Antics
  • 10 Zarathustra