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Blade- Stabbed, Some Old Scars 1994-1996 LP (Blood Red Vinyl)

Blade- Stabbed, Some Old Scars 1994-1996 LP (Blood Red Vinyl)
Blade- Stabbed, Some Old Scars 1994-1996 LP (Blood Red Vinyl)
SKU: longshot12145lp
Band/Title: Blade
Label: Longshot
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Track Listing:

A1 Boycott
A2 Skrewed Ravers
A3 No Retire
A4 Shoot In The Back
A5 Judgement Day
A6 The Man Who Laughs Last
A7 Brazenfaced Bastard
Live (Okayama '95)
A8 The Time Has Come
B1 Wanker
B2 We`re Ready
B3 Crucified Man
B4 Fallen And Forgotten
B5 Cropped Snob Mob
B6 No Progress
B7 Shotgun Psycho
B8 Shout It Loud

  This album should be in every Oi! fans collection. This is a collection of songs by this Japanese Oi! band from the 90's. For the A-side alone this album is a piece of history. All the raw sound and distorted guitars from that time is here to glory in. "Boycott" kicks off with that heavy distorted sound and thick beats. "Skrewed Ravers" is one of my favorite songs on this collection.  Blade nails the sound with jangly mod guitar sounds and bouncing beats.  I have to say some newer fans of Oi! may not like this album because it has a rough sound low production. To me this adds to the atmosphere and attitude of the songs. But I know some that wants everything to sound ultra crisp. It is a lot easier today to get great production then it was twenty years ago. "No Retire" hammers away with a great rhythm that is infectious. A hammering chorus and solid riffing guitars give this song the sound that love. 
  With its hollow drumming haunting bass intro and sharp guitars " Shoot In The Back" is another top track on this album.  I can not help but play air guitar to this song every time I hear it.  "Judgement Day" nails it with a short sharp strike of distorted guitars and pulsating drums.  If poppy Oi! is your thing then "The Man Who Laughs Last" is your cup of tea. Do not get me wrong this song still crunches in all the right places and has a ripping guitar solo that could feather any one's hair. "Brazen faced Bastard" is a punch to the throat with it's slamming bass lines and sharp guitar riffs. This is a song I could start a riot too. 
  The rest of the album is some great live recordings from 1995. The sound quality is solid for a live recording. You can make out the lyrics for the most part and the sound coming from stage is not to fuzzy. This part of the album is a nice document of the band live. For some one that never saw them live these live recordings are really cool, in my book. 
  To all Oi! collectors out there do not miss out on this limited pressing on vinyl. Go and pick up a copy before you have to pay double on Discogs. 

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