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Black Diamond Heavies- Every Damn Time LP (Sale price!)

Black Diamond Heavies- Every Damn Time LP (Sale price!)
Black Diamond Heavies- Every Damn Time LP (Sale price!)
Label: Alive
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Price: $11.99
Product Details
BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES are a unique punk-ass blues duo from Tennessee, a soulful rock'n'roll outfit born in the junkyards of the South. The Heavies are John Wesley Myers (bass keys, Fender Rhodes, organ, and voice) and Van Campbell (drums and vocals). Van is from Louisville, Kentucky and comes from a family of bourbon distillers. He also holds a degree in Mandarin Chinese and has drummed professionally on three continents. John Wesley, the son of a Baptist preacher, was born in Port Arthur, Texas, and has been shaking his "testimony" all over the South, playing gospel as a child until the devil got hold of him. Although they hail from the Southern States of America the Heavies see themselves as vagrant citizens of the world. They have spent the last two years on the road, living in vans, and sleeping on floors. They bring their countless hours of live experience onto their debut album; EVERY DAMN TIME is a punk rock album full of sweat, noise and soul. Another amazing duo from the label that brought you the debut albums of the BLACK KEYS and TWO GALLANTS.

"Black Diamond Heavies singer John Wesley Myers doesn't growl. Tom Waits growls. Joe Cocker growls. Myers barks like a man who's had his throat ripped out by a wolf. He gargles the thick blues drawl of a man who has never inhaled without a Marlboro Red in his gob, which is partly why 'Every Damn Time' is so damn brilliant. Calling themselves "a punk-ass blues duo", the Tennessee-hailing group have produced a debut of filthy Southern blues that makes The Black Keys seem like choirboys. Accompanying Myers' roar is his Hammond organ, grooving about on down-tempo tracks like 'Signs' and the bitter broken heart of 'All To Hell', before honky-tonk jiving through 'White Bitch's anti-drugs preach of "Fuck cocaine!". At full steam, 'Every Damn Time' could soundtrack a Wild West train heist. When notched down, it's darker, moodier and even better. A fabulous debut." - Stuart Stubbs/NME (8 out of 10 rating)

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