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Bask- Ramble Beyond LP (Purple Vinyl)

Bask- Ramble Beyond LP (Purple Vinyl)
Bask- Ramble Beyond LP (Purple Vinyl)
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Band/Title: Bask
Label: Self Aware
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When it comes to stoner rock or even heavy psych, it’s really hard for a band to stand out with it’s own sound. In the sea of many newcomers to the scene, it’s usually a sound or a feature that will make a band stand out enough for you to give you attention. Finding such band is not easy as they are not usually on the mainstream. Enter Bask, a four piece heavy psych band from Asheville, NC. Having released already an LP (American Hollow), Ramble Beyond is their second offering. Ending their description with the saying "Esse Quam Videri” has a huge responsibility as Bask now as to prove that they don’t just pretend to play the music, but that they are their music. And that is exactly what they end up doing on this record.

Asleep In The Orchard offers a perfect introduction to this album, with a soothing acoustic sound over a buzzing effect. Rest assured, this record riffs hard, and the next part of the song proves it! What’s even more impressive is their ability to go from headbanging riffs to clean, soothing guitar and actually make all of this fit in the songwriting perfectly. Where some bands usually adopt a style and stick to it, Bask explores the genre’s limits and include it on their album. While Asleep In The Orchard featured headbanging riffs, Mush! Carry Me Home has a softer yet more melodic side. This allows you to completely drift away and experience the music as a travel through different landscapes. One of the song where the band goes deeper into experimentation is A Graceless Shuffle that sees the band use a bluesy guitar riff and play with different rhythms, entering the realm of progressive music. This definitely a high point of this album, and if not, at least a very interesting song to listen to.

Although there are no bad apples on this record (get it? Orchard? Ok…), the stand out song here is definitely In The Black Fir. It contains everything heavy psych is made of. Incredible clean melodies and heavy riffs, all of this pieced together with rather clean and rocking vocals and great solos from electric guitar and drums. Lasting for more than seven minutes, this song never becomes too repetitive and even ends on somewhat epic feel. While no other song reach this high moment, this record is filled with great musical moments. Wether it’s a particular riff, or a general atmosphere, this album never stops to deliver.

There is no way to understand why such bands are not more recognized on the scene as many variables come to play. One thing is for sure, if you enjoy heavy psych, do not miss this release. It is a strong contender to the heavy psych release of 2017, even if we’re only halfway through this year. Bask proved that they feel what they play, and love what they do, much like that ending solo on the last song that makes us feel like they wanted this to go forever.
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