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Arrivals- Volatile Molotov LP

Arrivals- Volatile Molotov LP
Arrivals- Volatile Molotov LP
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Modern intelligence aint really much to write home about. The sad thing is that it doesnt take much to NOT be a total dumbshit in this climate. I think, more than i probably should, to myself Why arent The Arrivals the biggest band in the world?!. They write some of the greatest songs with some of the best hooks ever. The lyrics to these masterpieces are, gulp, er, actually intelligent. Not just exclusively book intelligent, and not just street smarts neither. I guess something vital and relevant for and by 30-something punks that can translate and inspire anyone at any age. And Im not talking about Rectospective granulator cosmopheric ramulator shit, but stuff we can all understand like THE LAST TESTAMENTs You may anticipate the end With great devotion You may worship and defend a source to every motion. It gives me goosebumps because I know what Isaac Thotz is talking about and the hook is easily appetizing.

What Im saying here is that I dont need to be pumped up with watered down political sloganeering for 12 year olds.Volatile Molotov includes paranoia, desperation, and even some humor. 3 great ingredients for an album.

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