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Antiseen- New Blood LP (Color Vinyl, #'d /300)

Antiseen- New Blood LP (Color Vinyl, #'d /300)
Antiseen- New Blood LP (Color Vinyl, #'d /300)
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Band/Title: Antiseen
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"ANTiSEEN is both so far beyond what punk rock is usually seen as and exactly what punk rock should be. The lack of concern about anything but what they believe, an utter disregard for mainstream success ……" - NeuFutur Magazine

Switchlight Records proudly presents ANTiSEEN's latest release "NEW BLOOD" - a compilation of singles from 2008 - 2011 all put together into one kick-ass album. "NEW BLOOD" features 13 tracks including, among others, the collaboration with Joe Buck (Joe Buck Yourself, Hank 3) on "Black Eyed Susie", covers of Ramones and The Sonics and also some new tracks including THE MYSTERIOUS GREEN MIST! The LP version includes free download code!

ANTiSEEN..where do you start!? The BOYS FROM BRUTALSVILLE are nothing short but legends. For almost 30 years they have been playing by their own rules not giving a shit about what anybody says! ANTISEEN started in 1983 with founding members Jeff Clayton and Joe Young. Named as a mis-spelling of the term "anti - scene", meaning,against any scene that has it's own rules, code of conduct, fashion and chain of command by hip scenesters. And as far as they are concerned - "It's only ROCK 'N" ROLL and we LOVE it!!!"

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