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See AYP on the SyFy Channel Thanks to Punko

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We never know where our merch is going to end up and we LOVE finding out who our customers are.  We were super surprised to hear from artist Marty “Punko” this week who let us know she not only is a customer BUT she wore our Western Evil Captain Harlock, repro Danzig Shirt on Episode 3 of SyFy’s “Cosplay Melee” on which she is an amazingly talented competitor.  Get your own Harlock shirt here –


You can find Marty on Facebook – Punko @MartyLeGrow and on Instagram – funwithpunko & watch the entire episode on Amazon, On Demand, & new episodes of Cosplay Melee air on Tuesdays on at 10 pm.

Marty & fellow cosplay artists
Episode 3 of Cosplay Melee featured Angels, Demons, and Wings. Behold Marty’s creation- the gilded fallen angel, Numilliel.

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