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Preno’s Corner

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Behold AYP’s latest blog entry by our illustrious store manager – Dave Preno.  He describes himself on his facebook page as a Record Wizard & AYP’s Pin Bitch.  99% of the time if you come into the shop Dave will be behind the counter.  

Catch him at the shop, searching for the next great vinyl find, or playing with The Virus and the Tight Fits.  

Without further ado…’s Dave!


Hey everybody I’ve been asked close to 100 times to write something about music for the shop blog and I put it off forever but here ya go.

First off take it easy and don’t get bent out of shape. My opinions are just that OPINIONS. I highly recommend you get out see some shows.. buy some records and form your own.

I got to play/check out some amazing shows all over the county this year and meet some great people. I’m usually making pins and complaining about bands I don’t like behind the counter at AYP but here is a short list of bands that are worth checking out (for now) I mean any good or great band has the potential to shit the bed and lay some weirdness on us.

Bands that kill it live and never disappoint.

Who Killed Spikey Jacket?


Bad Engrish

Total Abuse

Night Birds



LPs worth checking out

Institute- S/T

No Problem- Already Dead

Scolex Torn from Beyond

Fugazi- First Demo 12″

COKE BUST “Confined”

Zex Fight for Yourself

Secret Cutter S/T

7″ I’ve liked


Gas Rag- Six Songs

Inepsy Anti System flexi

Altered Boys

Demo tapes I wore out

Aspects of War


Animal Mother

Shitty Friends

Classics that got heavy rotation

A Global Threat Where the sun never sets

Disclose Tragedy

Napalm Death scum

Infest discography

I could go on forever but this is a good start.

If anyone has a demo or something they have been listening to non stop please send it my way. I’m always into buying or trading records so stop by or call the shop anytime.

maximize your stud count –



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Checkout these bands~


Leave comments, start music discussions, post upcoming shows in your area, & make this blog your own!

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