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May Fashion Blog with Erin

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Erin Repping AYP at the Ramones Museum in Germany in April 2015

We sell tons of leather jackets at AYP at all kinds of price points.  We are often asked what the difference is in our jackets and we answer honestly that the cheaper the price the stiffer the leather.  Higher quality AYP jackets cost more money than our economy ones.

We recommend our economy leather jackets ($77 & $80) as starter jackets for studding, patching, and painting up!  Use your DIY skills to design the best battle jacket or vest around!  Click on the link below to check out all the great guys and girls leather and vegan jackets & vests AYP has to offer – plus anything $100 or more ALWAYS ships for free within the US too!

AYP customer and guest blogger Erin Micklow is constantly making leather and denim DIY custom jackets and vests, and has some great tips for softening up our economy jackets and we asked her to share some tips with you!  These tips are for BLACK LEATHER ONLY….not colored or two-tone leather!!!!


I’m reincarnating an old vest into a “new” one for myself for Punk Rock Bowling!
I bought this a while back from Angry, Young and Poor and it was originally a jacket. I chopped the sleeves off & took the waist in to be tight.  Since it wasn’t a very expensive leather, it’s really rough & stiff so the 1st thing I’m doing to it is softening the leather.
To soften it, I stuck it in the oven on 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 min (make sure there’s nothing plastic or rubber on it that will melt and that it isn’t anywhere near the heating element of the oven because it could burn!).  Then when I took it out of the oven I covered it in leather conditioning oil, massaging it in while the leather is warm so the oil can really work into the material.
Red Wing Mink Oil is supposed to be great but I couldn’t find that inthe store so I used Kiwi Conditioning Oil (from Target).  It’s best to leave the oil on for several days (especially if you’re using it on your boots which works MIRACLES for new boots causing blisters) but since I’m on a time crunch to get this vest finished, I let it sit for about 24 hrs.
Wipe it off with a soft cloth. If it’s still greasy, use a very mild soap with a little water on a cloth & wipe the leather.  Then wipe dry.  This also works for old, dry leather that needs some TLC in another color, or boots, shoes, etc – it doesn’t need to be placed in an oven to condition.
You can do tons of stuff with your jackets and vests.  In this pic I am making a stencil to go with the new Against Me back patch I bought at their show in Berlin Germany in April.  I’m so excited about the new vest I’m making myself to wear at Punk Rock Bowling!
Here is the freshly softened, painted, and stenciled vest drying.   I will put the back patch on as soon as it is dry enough.
One great pic – with Laura Jane Grace after her show in Berlin. Such a fun night! Can’t wait to put this kick ass embroidered back patch I bought on my vest! So cool! #AgainstMe! — at Columbia Club.
Here is the almost completed vest – just a few more studs to go.  Look for pics of me at Punk Rock Bowling wearing the completed one of a kind vest!
Erin Micklow
@erin_micklow (Twitter/IG)

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